Who We Are

We equip and empower Canadians to serve in discipleship-focused ministry alongside international partners throughout Europe.

Our Mission

Reaching Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church

Our Vision

God expanding His Kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world

Why Europe?

Europe is Unreached

Less than 2% of the population in almost every village, town, and city across Europe are committed followers of Jesus Christ. Every city is punctuated by stunning churches, but very few are home to thriving groups of Christians. Few people have been befriended by genuine disciples of Jesus. 

Europe is Ready

It is time for Europe. The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across the continent has rocked the foundation of many indigenous Europeans. Many declare crisis, we proclaim opportunity. The Church in Europe is ready for a new discipleship movement! Old and new Europeans are ready to meet Jesus and His followers. 

Europe is Critical

Europe is the intersection of world cultures. It has been the historically influential epicentre for learning, philosophy, art, architecture and religion for more than 2000 years. Now, with the ongoing refugee crisis, reaching Europe is critically strategic for world revival more than ever before!

Our Core Values


GEM workers minister to others out of their own ongoing transformation.

We want to see God’s Kingdom expanded through our workers and partners. We know we can best minister to others out of our ongoing and holistic transformation by the Lord. As believers, we are called to represent and demonstrate the values and practices of God’s Kingdom in whatever context we find ourselves find ourselves.


GEM workers are passionate about seeing the lost saved and disciples multiplied.

We are disciples who make disciples. We desire to be used by the Lord to expand His Kingdom in Europe. We feel an urgency to see the people of Europe meet Jesus and grow in their personal relationship with Him. We expect all of our workers to exhibit diligence, passion, and excellence in their work, living as a worthy example of a gratefully redeemed life.


GEM workers strive to be humble in attitudes and actions.

Our disposition in GEM is to serve the Body of Christ. We will respect and treat others as we would want to be treated. Humility also characterizes how we relate cross-culturally, taking the initiative to cross cultural bridges to partners, team members, and those we want to reach.


GEM leaders intentionally lead, develop, and care for their teammates.

GEM views leadership as equal parts Leading, Developing, and Caring for others. We strive to lead people to fulfill our mission and vision and reach their maximum individual God-given potential. Every member of our organization has an identifiable leader to whom they are accountable. These leaders are deeply committed to seeing their people thrive as individuals, families, and GEM workers.


GEM is a community committed to collaborating with one another, other organizations, and with local believers and churches for the Kingdom.

We care for one another and hold one another to high standards. We believe in team, understanding that teams look different in different places. We eagerly partner with other like-minded individuals and organizations in our fields of service and in our sending countries. Unity does not equal uniformity. We mobilize workers from multiple aspects of Christ’s Church. We encourage innovation, adaptability, and creativity in myriad ways as we accomplish our mission and vision.


GEM honours God’s generosity in the people and resources He provides.

God is the great provider. GEM will transparently manage the time, finances, relationships, and responsibilities entrusted to us and our workers. Part of that stewardship is helping our people to discover and maximize their unique contribution to the Kingdom. We ask hard questions and encourage one another to accountability and transparency.

We Can Help!

GEM partners with like-minded disciples of Christ in ministry opportunities, building communities through discipleship!

If you’ve ever wondered about using your gifts for God’s glory, connect with us and see how over 70 years of partnership networks can help you make an impact today!

Our Origin Story

In 1944, a US Navy Chaplain named Bob Evans was injured by a mine in Southern France. During his recovery, he found the majority of locals did not have a personal relationship with Jesus and found his calling: to bring the Gospel to Europe. A band of passionate missionaries, lay-people, and leaders took to Bob’s vision and saw Greater Europe Mission expand from its evangelistic roots in France to reach across Western and Eastern Europe and even North Africa.

Through this legacy, today GEM partners with scores of ministries across Europe: from Bible-seminaries to 1000-year-old churches, from Christian camps to coffee shops, each impacting the peoples of Europe with the authentic and relevant Word of the Gospel.