COVID-19 Response

Out of care and respect for all of our missionaries and partners, we are exercising abundant caution and closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it evolves. We know that our missionaries are not the only ones affected, and we seek to pray with the world for our communities and nations during this time. If there’s a specific way that we at GEM Canada can pray for you, please let us know.

This page outlines current measures, and will be updated to respond to the evolving situation.

We have assembled a team representing GEM’s international presence to assess and assist in responding to the situation as it has unfolded.

We have cancelled short-term teams and internships through June 2020, as well as select trips through August 2020.

We have frozen deployment of long-term missionaries through June 2020.

We have asked our missionaries to delay travel plans for the time being, and await further instructions.

We have recalled most short-term workers, with permission given for all to return if they deem it prudent.

We have preemptively communicated to our full-time workers permission to use their own judgement concerning their ministries, work hours, travel and their health. As government responses come into effect, our workers will respect the expectations of their host governments.

We are regularly checking in with our missionaries and national partners.

We have moved to remote work for all of our national office staff.

We are contacting our ministry partners to see how we can provide assistance and nurture community from afar during this time.

As the situation around the world develops, we will continue to appropriately assess our response measures.

Thank you for your continued prayers throughout this time, for our missionaries and their ministries. We seek to be engaged in prayer for our world, and would invite any prayer requests that you may have, too, as we know that this has impacted so many people.

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