Church Planting in the Netherlands

The Klumpenhower’s Ministry

Jason, Monica, Finnley (almost 4), Alea (2)

What comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands? Windmills? Tulips? Quaint little villages with Dutchmen walking around in wooden shoes? Or maybe the countless church and cathedral spires towering over every village and city? These idyllic stereotypes are endearing, but in many cases, they mask what is really happening in the country. Beyond the shoes and tulips, the Netherlands is also known for debauchery, drug-use, and sprawling redlight districts—and those ancient churches? Sadly many lay completely empty or have been repurposed. When we visited the city of Alkmaar a few years ago we visited Sint-Laurenskirk; a former Protestant church right in the heart of the city. We entered the church expecting to see ancient relics and symbols of what the church once was. Instead, we were greeted by the sight of a bar with beer on tap in the very center of the sanctuary. On the walls were paintings mostly consisting of demons and nude women. We were quite surprised by Sint-Laurenskirk and our hearts have only continued to break as we have learned that this once-thriving church adequately represents the state of the entire evangelical church in the Netherlands.

The evangelical church in the Netherlands is fading. Only 4% of the Netherlands profess to be evangelical Christians. Many villages do not have operating churches and even large cities have few churches. 

We have been called to serve the rural communities and farmers around Alkmaar and the northwest Netherlands. Alkmaar itself has only 3 evangelical churches and these churches are struggling with attendance as well as growth. The surrounding villages where we will serve have few if any churches. The church in the Netherlands is small and does not have the resources to reach the people in these communities, that is where we come in.

We will partner with long-term missionaries already on the ground in the Netherlands and join them in their Power of Change initiative, which uses internet searches and online engagement to then direct seekers to Christians living and serving in their communities. We have learned that relationships are key to the spread of the gospel, engaging in the community where there is little or no evangelical Christian presence. We feel the urgent need to go and help the local Dutch church as soon as possible. A church a week is closing in the Netherlands and the church is losing ground in the battle for people’s souls. With your financial support and prayer support we desire to go to the Netherlands and help these churches; by church planting, discipleship, youth work, and outreach into the rural communities. As soon as we are fully supported we will move to the Netherlands and begin our work there. We cannot support the church in the Netherlands and reach into these communities without you. Please prayerfully consider financially supporting us.

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